Beulah Family Church

Beulah Family Church

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Never miss a sermon. Never forget one. What a great way to grow. Stay in the word.

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Is there more to life than this? What's the point? What happens when I die? Is there life after death? Is there really a God who can be known? Is Christianity true? What about other religions?

Alpha provides an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, informal, friendly and fun. Each evening starts with a meal followed by a talk and then a discussion. On Alpha you can ask anything – no question is off limits. Make new friends and explore together whether there is a God and what he might be like. Alpha is free of charge. If you would like to book your place on our next course, please get in touch by calling 020 8771 4570 or email us @


Week 1 (22nd February) - Who is Jesus?

Week 2 (1st March) - Why did He die?

Week 3 (8th March) - How can I have faith?

Week 4 (15th March) - What about the Bible?

Week 5 (22nd March) - How do I pray?

Week 6 (29th March) - How does God guide or how can I overcome evil?

Week 7 (5th April) - What about the Church?

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