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Beulah Family Church is so much more than just our Sunday meetings, we want to help each other to enjoy the life He has given us - at whatever stage of life we happen to be. We run a wide range of groups and activities that seek to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of our community and, whatever your age or life situation, there is guaranteed to be something going on that you can get involved in. Click on the relevant tab below for a brief description of the activity and call us on 020 8771 4570 to take part.

Bridge provides a safe environment for children with special needs to have fun and play, with the aim of giving a break to their parents and carers for a few hours. Children can make new friends and enjoy various activities such as cooking, crafts, singing and games, as well as a bouncy castle. The Bridge is for children from nursery age to school year six and is free of charge.

Where?  Beulah Family Church

When?   Every second Saturday of the month (10am-2:00pm)

Bouncers is a weekly babies and toddlers group with a variety of toys available to keep the children entertained, a large room to explore as well as crafts and singing. It also offers an opportunity for parents/guardians to have a chat and a coffee and costs £1.50.

Where?  Beulah Family Church

When?  Every Tuesday during school term (10:00am-11:30am)

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Free and for any children aged between 6-11, Kidz Klub is a great opportunity for them to learn about God while having fun. Team games, art and other activities are all part of the free event. Our aim is to reach every school-age child in our area, so if your child doesn’t go to Beulah Juniors or David Livingstone, then why not bring them along on a Sunday?

Where?  Beulah Family Church

When?  Every Sunday (10:30am-12:00pm)

We also have Kidz Klub on the road as an after school club at both Beulah Juniors and David Livingstone School each week

CR7 is for all young people aged 11-16 from the church and the surrounding neighbourhood. A pool table, table tennis, basketball court and computer games are all available but team-building and creative activities are also regularly part of the Friday evening fun.

We provide a safe place they can hang out and develop their social skills through interaction with their peers and the leaders that run the group. A short message and group discussion is also part of the night’s activities.

Where?  Beulah Family Church

When?  Every Friday (6.30-8.30pm)

With Leading Lights we want to raise a generation of young people saved by God through faith in Jesus Christ, filled with His Holy Spirit and go out in to the world shining with the light of God. Events are an opportunity for young people to meet with God in worship and teaching, with the belief that they do not have to wait until they’re older for God to use them powerfully.

Where?  Beulah Family Church

When?  Saturday (6:00-8:00pm)

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a debt counselling service working providing the local community with sound financial advice, helping the poor to rise out of poverty. A three week money management course, CAP empowers and enables participants to effectively manage their money, leading to better savings and ultimately, a debt-free life.

Small Groups offer an opportunity to develop strong relationships with a handful of other people. The mid-week groups, held in homes rather than in the church building, are more relaxed, informal and intimate than our larger Sunday meetings. Small Groups tend to involve worship and discussion of the sermon preached on Sunday as well as regular social activities.

ONE is for all women, whether you come to Beulah or not. The name of the group reflects the intention of being increasingly united in love for God and one another. Friendships are made and strengthened through activities such as pampering, afternoon teas and baking competitions, as well as prayer and teaching sessions.

For men of all ages, the events inevitably tend to include enjoying food together. But as well as being fed physically, we also aim to be fed spiritually – challenging and encouraging each other to serve the Lord with passion in our generation.

Stork Aid aims to serve people with new born children or who have unexpectedly become ill in a very practical way. Various members of the church will rally together, cook and deliver a week of home-cooked meals to the family so that they have one less thing to think about.

For a number of years now, Beulah has provided bedding and a meal to the homeless. In conjunction with six other local churches, we house the men and women for a night each week for 10 weeks over the winter months.

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